Hill Road, ClevedonThe Advantages of Supporting Local Businesses

I’d like to pose the question “why stop and shop from local businesses?” Of course, we live in a global economy. Think about your last 10 purchases. I’d venture to say that most of the items were produced outside of your local community (probably even in a different country). Things are so easily accessible now, and we are so connected with other parts of the world that we don’t think twice about where the items we purchase come from, and how our purchases may effect our local communities. Have you ever thought how the growth of a global economy may effect your local economy? So, again, I ask “why stop and shop from local businesses?” Let me give you some reasons to consider.

Why You Should Purchase From Locally Owned Businesses The first reason to stop and shop locally is to help keep your pounds in the local economy. It is really simple. Locally owned businesses definitely recycle a bigger share of their revenue back into the local economy, especially when you compare them to the big chain stores. It is remarkable just how quickly money cycles out of a local economy as people shop more and more at the large chain stores. This is a big reason why in some areas the smaller, local businesses go out of business as the big corporations come in.

The second big reason to stop and shop locally is to support local jobs and provide better wages. Obviously locally owned businesses support the creation of more local jobs. In most industries, locally owned businesses also offer better pay and benefits in comparison to the large chains.

Another reason to stop and shop locally is to support entrepreneurship in your community. Why is entrepreneurship so important? The support of entrepreneurship serves as an important means for individuals and families to get out of low-wage occupations and into a socially mobile positions. Our country thrives off of the innovation of entrepreneurs. They fuel our economic prosperity. This is also a great answer to our economic problems that we are facing right now. The list of reasons goes on and on. Next time you are wanting to head out the door and drive to the nearest corporate giant, stop and think about supporting local business... your support is needed!